Accounting Services


Need Consult Accounting Services

NeedConsult Accounting presents its clients with a comprehensive range of accounting services and tax consultations for corporate entities and merchants registered in Bulgaria. Our team strives earnestly for excellence and innovation in business maintenance and development. We can offer our professionalism and individual approach to each of our clients.

We understand that your business may be big and profitable, developed over the years and based on your professional experience. However, we know that there are also beginners on the market who are talented and practical and who need our competent support in any business venture.
That is why we have established a flexible and favorable tariff policy which meets the individual characteristics and demands of each client.

Our services are used by successful entrepreneurs involved in various fields of occupation and activities.

The accounting services and consultations are provided in Bulgarian. We encourage our English-speaking clients to visit us with an interpreter.

We provide:

  • Accounting of income and expense documents
  • Payroll
  • Processing of bank accounts
  • Submission of returns electronically
  • Inquiries and advice
  • Year completion